Dutton Garage

Dutton Garage is Australia’s premier retailer of prestige, luxury and vintage cars with an iconic showroom in the inner-Melbourne suburb of Richmond with a worldwide network.

Car aficionados visit Dutton Garage from all over the world, to purchase from an exclusive selection, and also to simply walk among some of the finest automobiles ever assembled. Visiting this hidden piece of automotive culture is a unique opportunity to view and test drive cars which represent benchmarks of design, engineering and performance.

While the experience of visiting Dutton Garage is unlike anything else in Australia, its expert staff also provide a tailored service for customers looking to purchase their next prestige car. Our qualified team sources cars internationally, and supplies vehicles of only the most impeccable pedigree to our clientele, both locally and around the world, with a full turn-key service. In 2017, Dutton Garage has expanded their arms by opening a second showroom in Christchurch, New Zealand specialising both classic and modern prestige vehicles.