Sell Your Car Fast

Sell Your Car Fast offers a smart and seamless way to sell a car, drawing on an innovative online platform, nation-wide assessors and a dedicated staff of expert second-hand dealers.

Sell Your Car Fast was established to help people sell their cars quickly, fairly and with no time wasted. The industry-leading team recognised that when it came to selling a car, the public’s only options were to go to a second-hand dealer and hope for the best, or to try to sell it privately. After a drawn-out and potentially expensive process over weeks or months, a fair price or the sale of a car was still not guaranteed.

The team at Sell Your Car Fast comprises second-hand car specialists with a clear line of sight on the market price of all cars. The group know modern cars inside and out, so they can provide an accurate assessment on the spot. In keeping with the Dutton Group ethos, Sell Your Car Fast prides itself on integrity, honesty, and a straight-up approach to business.